Author Topic: USS Excalibur NCC-26517 and USS Righteous NCC-42451 for possible inclusion  (Read 6055 times)

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There are a couple new bridges seen in the EAS thread under Member sites, one is the USS Righteous as seen in Star Trek Borg the other is the Excalibur as seen in Peter David's New Frontier novels as well as Redemption in St-TNG. If someone could right the appropriate text, the graphics are available, including the Ambassador and Excelsior class images, dedication plaques, the aforemetioned bridges plus anything else one could come up with. I have the full size versions of the Excalibur bridges (one from the Capt. Korsmo era as well as the bridge depicted in 'Double Time'), plus the Righteous bridge has been seeing lots of downloads plus my own copy.

Any help is appreciated to get the text up to JOAT standards. TIA
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